Roof windows perfectly match the design of modern buildings, and allows for an original solution of light penetration problems in the premises of any purpose and size, they also reduce the electricity consumption for lighting.

More light, saving of electric energy, and practicality

As a glazing material in arch and triangular roof windows that we manufacture, we use 6, 10, 16, or 20mm thickness polyhedron polycarbonate, which is installed with the use of special aluminium profiles. Rubber gaskets ensure a complete hydroisolation of the roof window. Selection of materials and roof window form ensures low weight of a roof window, as well as a very stable structure.

Glazing materials

Polyhedron polycarbonate is a high quality glazing material that is suitable for industrial buildings. It is very strong, have good thermal insulation properties and a good light permeability. This material is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays, therefore it does not change colour as time passes by. Edges of each panel section are covered with a special tape that protects sections from contamination.


Arch, triangle.

Arch roff windows Triangle roff windows


Arch roof windows have simple structure that allows to penetrate it from all sides. This structure is indisputably the most economic one. Triangular roof windows have a triangular shape. Their standard inclination are 30° or 45° angle, however, according to individual orders we can manufacture with another inclination.


Due to their advantages – relatively low price and simple assembly – roof windows that we produce are ideal for industrial buildings. They are an alternative to glass and polyester roof windows. We recommend matte polycarbonate for industrial buildings in order to avoid blinding by direct sun rays. In non industrial buildings type of polycarbonate is selected according to the requirements of individual projects.


Often renovation projects provide for replacement of old glass or polyester roof windows replace with new ones. Our roof windows give the possibility to install these structures on the base of old roof windows, this way the time is saved and the installation costs are relatively low.


If there is a need for ventilation, then ventilation nodes are installed into the roof window. Windows can be opened manually, pneumatically or electrically.

Smoke removal

In case of fire, smoke and sooth often present bigger threat and damage than the fire itself. In order to remove smoke and sooth, smoke ventilation systems can be installed in the roof windows.